For those of you feeling...

"like baking chocolate that you think is going to be sweet, so you take a spoonful, but find that it's actually bitter; the kind of bitter that doesn't wash out, it just stays there on the tongue like a rottweiler on a trespasser."

I apologize.

I am currently going through a move and had to temporarily box up all my art supplies. I will hopefully be all moved in soon and will once again designate an area of the house to fill with paper scraps.

April 30th

I have spent this week working on a commissioned piece. Gosh, it makes me blush just typing that, but I think it sounds a lot snazzier than it really is.
I have been diligently cutting, just not similarly posting.

My cutting desk is undeniably messy
...and that's after removing the assortment of candy wrappers I noticed in the first picture.

April 17th - 18th

A mishmash of inspired images: A tribute to Miss Mary Blair

April 8th

Teri was listening to Miley Cyrus in the front seat while Jade and I mockingly sang along from the back. Jade turns to me and says, “How do you nod with your hips?”
We laughed and spent the rest of the night attempting to move our hips like yeah…or at least, I did.

March 28th

Justice is coming...
Thanks Dan!